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There are many salient factors affecting women’s health during pregnancy, would you have thought that dental problem is one of the causes? As vulgar as the teeth and gum server pregnancy complications can arise if due care is not giving. In regard to this topic, we are going to dwell more on gingivitis and ways it can be prevented. This brings us to the question; what is pregnancy gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum characterized by redness, pain, swollen gum. Several underlying factors may be associated with it, but when it occurs during pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes, it is called pregnancy gingivitis.

Causes of pregnancy gingivitis

If gingivitis is a rare condition that could affect people of all age, what could be the causes as regards pregnancy? Intrigued.

I mentioned earlier that there is hormonal change during pregnancy, the sudden rise in progesterone level during pregnancy causes an abnormal blood flow to the gum making it easily irritable. Bacteria accumulate more around the gum as the hormone progesterone counteracts the body’s response to bacteria action. For this reason, inflammations occur.

Symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis

If you notice bleeding, redness, pain, swelling, tooth decay, irritability, loss of appetite, etc. do not falter, they are all symptoms of gum inflammation. If symptoms persist, what actions will you take? See your dentist as soon as possible.

Ways to prevent pregnancy gingivitis

Pain emerging from a dental problem is much unpleasant and of course, you wouldn’t want to experience such pain in addition to pregnancy stress. Frequently asked questions on this topic are; can pregnancy gingivitis be prevented? Yes, it can. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we progress to know preventative measures of pregnancy gingivitis. This is the part I really need your attentiveness, as often said prevention is better than cure.

Avoid picas

pregnancy gingivitis
Avoid picas, stay healthy

This is an unusual craving by some pregnant women for unhealthy substances. Examples are chalk, plaster, sand, ice, chewing gum wool, clay etc. such cravings arises from psychological disorder and have no nutritional value and with the ability of affecting your gum thus, they should be avoided.

Folic acid

I have talked about folic acid in one of my posts ‘why women should take folic acid’. You can see that the importance of folic acid cannot be over-emphasized as it is a vital element needed by women during pregnancy. Folic acid prevents inflammation of the gum. Pregnant women should take 0.4mg of supplemental folic acid daily. Food rich in folic acid are, beans carrots, eggs, green vegetables, okra, oranges, pear, kidney, beans, etc. supplemental folic acid is found in multivitamins.

Little or no chocolate

In as much as chocolate reduces the risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy and also serves as a source of energy, its intake should be limited as it is a major cause of the dental problem in pregnancy. There are other sources of food that are safe and healthy and also provide energy require during pregnancy. You can supplement them with chocolate. Examples of such foods are bread, rice, banana, groundnut potato, salmon, etc.

Mouth wash

They are formulated to help protect against cavities and tooth decay strengthens tooth enamel and fights against bacteria and plaque. Rinse your mouth with mouth wash twice daily to help get the refreshing breath you desire. Avoid the use of hard brushes, get a soft toothbrush with fluoride-containing toothpaste at least twice daily.

Omega – 3- fatty acid

Food rich in omega- 3- fatty acids such as spinach, walnut, sardine, catfish oyster eggs, etc. should be included in the diet at least twice weekly since your body cannot synthesis omega -3- fatty acid. Because of their anti-inflammatory property, they help prevent dental problems.

Calcium diet

Milk, cheese, fish, green vegetables, oranges, coconut are rich in calcium; Since tooth bones could be affected, consuming calcium-containing food will help build stronger bones.

Knowing that dental problem can cause serious health problem, I have taken  time to answer the following questions

Can gingivitis affect unborn baby?

Of course yes, your baby can be affected. Untreated gingivitis is more likely to cause a preterm birth as bacteria spreads round blood vessels preterm contraction is more likely to occur.

Can gum inflammation cause miscarriage?

It seems obscure to some people but the fact still remains true. Miscarriage can result from gum inflammation if not treated. As bacteria travel to other parts of the body not excluding the womb, they lodge and affect the blood vessels that supply the womb resulting in oxygen and nutrient deficit. Hence, miscarriage.


 Seek your doctor’s help, your doctor should examine and prescribe proper medication depending on the type of micro-organism found For more clarity, drop questions on comment box. Wish

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