Original and portable electric shoe dryer and sterilizer that can instantly dry and sterilize your shoes, prevent your shoes from smelling as well as keep your foot safe from infections

You can get your shoe ready for use in 5 minutes without waiting for sunlight that would even take longer than 6hours

Watch this video to see the amazing thing this electric shoe dryer can do for you


This soothing shoe dryer has been modernized to bring you the maximum comfort you can ever desire 

It works by dehumidifying, sterilizing and deodorizing your shoes by rapidly heating your shoes while maintaining a constant temperature 

Amazingly, It also dry the whole shoe evenly including the dead corners of the heel and toe

electric shoe dryer
electric shoe dryer

Why you need this product

  • If you are a sport person and have little or no time to wash your shoes
  • Good for you if you frequently attend the Gym
  • If your toes are smelling because of bad odour from your shoes
  • Best for you if your are a student who can’t evenly wash your shoes
  • It prevent your foot from the effect of micro-organism
  • Prevent you from public embarrassment 

Do you have to worry about this product?

Using this product you have nothing to worry about because:

It is fire proof and flame retardant

No fear of burning shoes nor hands

it maintains a constant time off

It maintains a constant temperature of 55oC which removes moisture and does not damage shoes

electric shoe dryer

When to use it

After exercise: 

You do not want to accumulate sweat resulting from vigorous exercise in your shoes which is a quick breeding site for growth of micro-organisms which can cause foot infection. Using this soothing shoe dryer after exercise will dry all sweat and sterilize your shoe as well as prevent odour

Drying Socks:

Electric shoe dryer will help solve the embarrassment of socks breaking, changing and washing during raining weather by easily drying the soaked cotton socks

electric shoe dryer


You can instantly and dry your shoes anytime any where. it is  ready for us


360 degree Drying

Constant temperature heating

High temperature resistant Materials

PTC continues to heating up

Qualified plug connector

Timing open and close


Available in different colours



How much is it

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  • Ensure you are not traveling out of the state anytime soon 

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electric shoe dryer

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